Brief Play # 39: Passion play

The play is set in a desert—where most mystical and
semi-hysterical plays are set.  There are three characters: The Passionate Man and two less passionate Companions

PASSIONATE MAN:  It is the time when I must leave you both.


PASSSIONATE MAN:  Because I must now fulfill my destiny.

COMPANIONS:   Which is what?

PASSIONATE MAN:  To be passionate.

COMPANIONS:  Why is that your destiny in particular?  Everybody has passions.

PASSIONATE MAN:  Narrow souls I cannot abide.
                                      There’s almost no good or evil

COMPANIONS (scornfully):  That’s not even you!  That’s Nietsche!

PASSIONATE MAN: But I wholeheartedly subscribe to it!

COMPANIONS:  We feel we’ll be well rid of you!

PASSIONATE MAN:  Everybody feels that way about the paroxysms of the passionate.

COMPANIONS:  Good luck, Puffed-Up One!

PASSIONATE MAN:  A Passionate man makes his own luck.  Farewell, Triflers!

They take their leaves.