Play #33: Kisses

The play is set beside a superhighway where we discover, sitting on a bench by the side if the road, a comely young woman dressed elaborately in gown and tiara.   A policeman has stopped his car and is questioning her.
We can hear the traffic screaming by them as they talk, indeed they both have to shout in order to be heard by one another.

Cop: Well, what’s a nice looking young woman like you doing in a place like this?

Princess:  I am sending kisses to all the pigs that go by me in those big trucks that are taking them to be slaughtered.

Cop: Sending them kisses?  How do you do that?

Princess:  With my mind.

Cop: What good will that do?

Princess: I don’t know.  Maybe no good at all. 

Cop:  Then why do you do it?

Princess:  I just want them to feel that somebody cares about what is happening to them—somebody who would stop the killing if she could.

The Scene changes to the loading platforms at the slaughterhouse.  Several trucks are backed up to the waiting pig pens, but when the big back doors are opened, the divers find, to their astonishment, that the trucks are thronged with handsome, beautifully dressed young men—herds and herds of princes!

Pig-wrangler:  What’s going on?

Driver: All the pigs are gone!  The trucks are full of these young men !

Pig-wrangler:   Who are they?

Driver:  I have no idea…but we’ve got to let them all go.  We’re here to slaughter pigs, not people!