Play # 29: Bus Shelters

The play is set on the steps of the City Hall.
Two City Councilors are talking together as they walk away from a meeting.

City Councilor 1:  I’ve been thinking a good deal lately about bus shelters. They’re made of glass, you know.

City Councilor 2: Are they?

Councilor 1: And wood and cement.
[suddenly inquisitive] Do you have bus shelter at your house?

Councilor 2 [suddenly irritated]: Of course not, why would anyone have a bus shelter at his house?  My wife and I don’t have a bus shelter because we don’t have a bus!!

C1: No bus shelter?

C2: No.

C1 [suddenly]: Do you have chair shelters?

C2: Yes.  Well, a chair IS a shelter, is it not?

C1: Food shelters?

C2:  Not as such.

C1: What about bed shelters?

C2: We have three.

C1:  Prudent.

C2: Why did you bring up bus shelters?

C1: Protection.

C2: For whom?

C1: My mother has a bus shelter right in her house.
She’s always felt strongly about them.