Play #72: THE FIST

The play takes place in a doctor’s office.  The doctor—who is a generic and therefore nameless doctor—is listening sceptically to a distressed patient, Victor Franken.  Franken has been describing what seems to be an unlikely encounter—but an encounter that has resulted, somehow, in the patient’s receiving an injury, a big empurpled black eye.

Doctor: I’m still not sure I understand you, Mr. Franken.

Franken:  But I’ve explained over and over, doctor.

Doctor:  But what you’ve told me makes no sense at all.

Franken (pointing to his battered eye):  Sense or not, here’s the result!

Doctor (patiently):  Tell me again what happened.

Franken (sighing heavily):  I was walking to work…

Doctor: Uh huh.

Franken: …and I happened to glance up at the sky and there was this small dark cloud hovering over me.

Doctor: Odd.

Franken:  Yes.  And then the cloud descended a bit until it floated just above my head.

Doctor:  Very strange indeed.

Franken (more agitated):  Yes.  And then, the next thing I know, BAM!!, this huge fist—as big as a pickup-truck—comes swinging out of the cloud and bashes me right in the face!

Doctor: Knocking you down.  

Franken (furious):  Of course knocking me down!

[both doctor and patient are silent for a moment]

Doctor (quietly):  Tell me, Mr. Franken, do you have any obvious enemies?

Franken (outraged):  What, in the sky?!!

[The doctor leans back in his chair, presses his fingers together in an attitude of deep consideration and then turns brightly to his patient] 

Doctor (quietly):  Tell me, Mr. Franken, are you a religious man?