Play # 35: The Last Bee

The play is set in the not very distant future
when the world’s bee population has been decimated
by disease, neglect and greed (which, after all, are the same thing).  The memory of the bee in the recently buzz-free world is now enshrined—if at all—within the world of art and design. 

But so much weepy, impure nostalgia for the bee has now somehow animated enough failing bee-energy to have resulted in the mysterious appearance of one gigantic Final Bee—as big as an airliner but as empty and diaphanous as a cloud. 

So insubstantial is this chimera-like Final Bee that, huge as it is, some people can see it and some cannot.  It is often thought that to be able to see the Bee is the privilege—and punishment—of those who bear the most responsibility for demise of bee-culture

Characters—or presences—in the play:

1)  The Final Bee
2)  The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen
3)   Winnie-the Pooh

Scene:  A city street, late-morning.

Pooh:  It’s time for a little something, but the something I like is gone forever.  How dearly I long for a full pot of creamy golden honey!

McQueen (imitating nostalgia):  Don’t we all!

Pooh: How can you say that?  All YOUR bees are dead!  They’re made of gold and silver and you find them in the meadow of a model’s throat, or studded on a choker around her pipestem neck.

McQueen: The bee is better off as art than as hopeless hunger!

There is a faint rustling in the sky.  Both Winnie-the-Pooh and Alexander McQueen look up, only to find themselves staring at a floating gigantic bee, as big as a cruise ship but imprecise with emptiness.  The behemothic creature is simultaneously menacing and poignant.

Final Bee (speaking in an ear-shattering voice that is still, oddly, no more than a whisper):  Why do you both want what you want when your desires are so different?  Do you not see that it’s too late for you both?

Pooh and McQueen:  But we LOVE you in our way!!

Final Bee: You cannot.  I am a sweet cloud of unknowing.  You never knew anything about Beeworld.  You thought it was (looking at Pooh) free confection, or (looking at Alexander McQueen) easy décor.  In fact, it was an adjacent planet of brilliant aliens who were small and who lived among you.

McQueen:  What are you?

Final Bee:  I am an angel and an airship.

Pooh:  What is your mission?

Final Bee:  I am transporting a billion bee-souls
to another planet, a planet called Honeydorado that once, the domain only of cows, ran copiously with rivers of milk, but which, shortly, when the bees are revived, will gush with adjacent well-springs of honey. 

McQueen:  Do you need a designer?

Final Bee:  You both had your chance.  So now you may keep your dead jewelry, and your childish memories of honey-candy, and forget there ever were bees.

Pooh:  Take me with you!!

But the Final Bee was gone.